Wow , wow wow , From our first initial meeting Sinead blew me away with her natural understanding of what I wanted for the spa . I asked for her assistance to create a unique signature treatment and this is exactly what she delivered . The whole interaction from start to finish was seamless and completely stress free . I feel I got 100% of Sinead DE Hora in the treatment creation .
The team enjoyed the training that was delivered in a professional , friendly way . Even the sceptical therapists were shifting their mindset by the end of the day . Her enthusiasm was contagious . If I could bottle up a bit of Sinead to keep with me I would . Im looking forward to working with Sinead again .
— Nicole Collins, Spa Director of Adare Manor
adare manor sineaddehora
Sinéad approaches treatment development with precision, creativity and passion. She seamlessly combines her expert knowledge of the skin and body with synergistic product, ingredient choices, and perfectly tailored massage movements. her commercial understanding of marketing and branding also lends each treatment a perfectly unique and recognisable signature. She infuses each treatment with her knowledge and expertise gained through her expertise study and experience, as well as her natural intuitive flair. This is reflected in every treatment protocol, and her in-depth immersive training methods. For a treatment menu that offers as well as unforgettable experiences, I would highly recommend Sinéad and Treatment Creations.
Working with Sinead has been nothing but inspirational and truly enjoyable.
Sinead’s skills, creativity and overall passion combined with her perfect understanding of luxury hospitality and wellness (and her consistent Smile), has made her a great asset for Akasha Holistic and Wellbeing Centre in Hotel Café Royal
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Sinéad has collaborated with Delforge + Co as an expert for consulting projects that are in need of her expertise, knowledge and strengths. Sinéad is extremely professional, detailed and passionate about everything that she does. Her ability to create long lasting connections makes working with Sinéad very special and memorable. She is able to create a positive energy out of every given situation. She is enthusiastic, extremely creative, knowledgeable, energetic and full of life. We have worked on numerous projects together where Sinéad has delivered detailed and creative strategy plans which enable clear and concise delivery of the deadlines. Sinéad has developed a variety of workshops that she delivers for the Delforge + Co Business Academy that are detailed, educational and full of practical tips and techniques that clients can actually implement into their business on a daily basis. We constantly hear outstanding feedback from Sinéad’s workshops and people continue to come back for more.

Sinéad undertakes a lot of content writing for the Academy which is delivered in a very clear format as well as easily adapted to the given subject. She has a unique ability which enables her to extract what your goals and dreams are resulting with her creating your USP, brand concept, treatment development, marketing plan etc. Sinéad also has a realistic way of encouraging you. She offers a variety of tools that you can adapt into your daily routine to create new habits that will motivate, empower and support you on your success story which is ultimately why her mentoring is so popular.
It has been a great pleasure to meet Sinéad and share with her our project mycoocoon. She had the vision and sensibility to understand and perceive the power of colour, light and energy and did a very professional work with us to reinforce our colour wellness proposition for the spas.

I can honestly say that Sinéad has ignited the spark that I needed to take me from fear to here! I found the content of “How to set up on your Own” very informative, structured, clear, motivational, and inspiring. It opened up my vision and creativity to invoke action and breakdown what I needed to do to make and take the steps to set up on my own. The motivational concepts you designed truly hit home and I thought you kept me motivated to achieve my vision, mission and ultimate success. I will definitely be listening to this several times as there are so many valid points and ideas that I will benefit from listening to again. I did have my pen and paper at the ready, but I also feel its good to listen to your words, as your passion comes through for others to grow, learn and achieve. You have a great motivational voice that makes me want to channel my dreams and believe that I can be the best at what I do. The 11 quotes on “How to stay Motivated” was very reflective and comforting words of wisdom when you need to believe in your dreams and re focus. I felt it was like having a one to one with you, keeping me on track and taking the stress out of it and replacing it with creatively and fun. I’ll be getting my creativity notebook and vision board started now with the networking ideas will follow.

With the “Customer Focus” tutorial I found this also very detailed and structured with new concepts and ideas that I had never come across before, making this very customer lead for many different types of businesses. I would probably say that at this moment in time it’s probably not as relevant to me as my current objective of starting out on my own, but I can see the unlimited potential that this tutorial would have for people that this is their main area for growth and development. Maybe for those who have set up already and are not getting repeat business/customers or have not be in the customer service industry. The focus on the customer journey is crucial to a brands success and I will definitely be implementing these into my plan once I’ve grasped the ‘How to set up on my Own’

My heart is full of gratitude for your continued help and support in my journey of moving forward, believing in myself and manifesting my divine purpose. Your hard work and passion has helped me and I cannot thank you enough.
— Christina Crilly, Therapist and Independent Advisor
She is an angel in disguise but fool you not, she is a fireball. Each time we finish our sessions I feel tired. It’s unbelievable what we can do together in two hours time. The brainstorm, the enthusiasm, the belief, the planning, the advice, the adrenaline of creating ideas and new paths for my career.